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World Record Holders

Team Wild Waves

On January 26th 2022 best friends Charlotte Harris and Jessica Oliver set a new world record for the fastest female pair to row 3,000-miles across the Atlantic Ocean. The duo completed the crossing in 45 days, 7 hours, and 25 minutes beating the previous world record by 5 days. 

Team Wild Waves have also achieved their goal of raising £100,000 for Shelter and Women's Aid.
Thank you to everyone who have supported throughout. 

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Watch the Wild Waves Sizzle Reel for our race summary!


About Us

Our goal is to raise £100k for our chosen charities Shelter and Women's aid

We have been best friends since meeting at Cardiff University nearly 10 years ago! Our friendship has always been dotted with incredible challenges; Marathons, Triathlons and more recently an unbelievable ‘Fight Night’ with the White-Collar Fight Club. Collectively we have raised over £8,000 for Charity, a drop in the ocean (excuse the pun!) when compared to our goal for this campaign.

We researched the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge after the inevitable.....’well what’s next?’ conversation; it was front and centre as the biggest, most rewarding, lifechanging experience we could undertake. It would also catapult our fundraising effortswell and truly to the next level. Both of us have very strong personalities with gritty determination and would go above and beyond to support each other and those around us. 

With no ocean or rowing experience it will certainly be our hardest test yet! Having 10 years of friendship behind us, if we can survive all those days together in a boat, well then, we know we’ll be friends for life!

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Meet The Team


Rower: Charlotte Harris is no stranger to adventure. She has climbed the Himalayas, completed the London Marathon and recently achieved her first win in the boxing ring. However, she knows this new challenge is about to blow everything else out the water! Charlotte is a Global Procurement Lead at Diageo - where her extracurriculars include promoting Corporate Social Responsibility as well as Inclusion and Diversity.  Her motivation is triggered by the words ‘that’s not possible’ which is why this challenge is perfect for her!

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Rower: Jessica Oliver loves competition! An ex-national athletics competitor, she now concentrates on new sporting challenges including Triathlons, Boxing and I guess rowing! Recently graduated with an MBA from Imperial Business School, London Jessica is now a Salesforce Consultant at BrightGen. Her focus for this event is on the fund-raising strategy. This challenge is perfect for her as it is so extreme. However, she knows the Training, hard work and inevitable lows will all be worth it to raise money for Shelter and Women’s Aid.  


Campaign Mentor: Ollie Palmer (Campaign Mentor) was part of the winning TWAC’19 team, Fortitude IV, completing the race and bagging a world record in the process. With the TWAC race under his belt he’s determined to show that anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to, a perfect campaign mentor for us!


Physical Training Coach: Gus Barton was part of the winning TWAC’15 team, Ocean Reunion, bagging a world record in the process. Gus takes teams from concept to completion and has coached over 23 Successful Ocean crossings, 8 of which have clinched world records and 5 have won their class. We’re confident he’ll work his magic on us!


women's aid

until women and children are safe

Women’s Aid directly supports victims of domestic abuse by providing life-saving services. They also work within communities to build a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.


Women’s Aid work at local and national levels to ensure women's safety and promote policies that prevent it. Covid-19 has made the work of Women’s Aid more important than ever, on one day during lockdown there was a 700% increase in calls to domestic abuse charities.

Most people don’t realize the link between domestic abuse and homelessness. The impact of domestic abuse on women’s housing options is truly devastating. On June 10th, Women’s Aid published two reports highlighting this issue; ‘The Domestic Abuse Report 2020: The Hidden Housing Crisis’  and ‘Nowhere To Turn 2020’ both highlight the threat if homelessness survivors face, and this is a fact we cannot ignore.

Domestic abuse statistics are shocking; three women every fortnight are killed by their male partners or former partners. Fear of homelessness prevents women from leaving dangerous situations. We want to do as much as we can to help. 

We will be involved with Women’s Aid as much as possible throughout this campaign and beyond. We will put all our effort in raising as much money as we can as this charity is invaluable to providing life-saving services and for building a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. 

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Shelter aims to reduce homelessness by campaigning and working with the government to address the national housing crisis, rights for renters and increased social housing. They also provide legal advice and help secure safe accommodation for the homeless population. 


Shelter strive every day to help those in desperate need of support. They campaign relentlessly to secure a safe affordable home for everyone. They believe that no-one should face bad housing or homelessness. Last year over 5 million people turned to them for advice.


Shelter  fight for better investment in housing and laws to improve the lives of the homeless and badly housed population. Recently Shelter successfully campaigned for the landmark court ruling declaring housing benefit discrimination unlawful.


Wild Waves have chosen Shelter as one of their charities to partner with as we are incredibly passionate about the work that they do.  Homelessness is not something that can just be ignored, yet it so often is. Both of us have given money here and there, stopped and talked or bought food for the homelessness. However we know this is not enough. We have always spoken about a want and need to do more. Raising money for Shelter through rowing the Atlantic Ocean is the best way we can. 


We will be involved with Shelter as much as possible throughout this campaign and beyond. We will put all our effort in raising as much money as we can as this charity is invaluable to the fight for safe, secure and affordable homes for everyone.


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